Relax Your Mind

Being stuck at home for fear of catching COVID-19 can wear on a person’s mental health. The best you can do is find creative ways to distract your mind with different activities until the shutdown is over.

Take a load off from the news 

The news and all media seem to be focused on the increasing outbreak. While it is important to know what is going on, the news can be upsetting if watched day in and day out, so why not just take a break from it altogether. Distract your mind with other tasks to distress and relax. 

Connect with others

It is key to anybody’s mental health that they connect with others. Pick up the phone, call, facetime, or maybe even send a handwritten letter to some friends. There are other resources like Skype and Facebook. We are fortunate to have this technology to still be able to connect to our friends and loved ones while not having to be in the same room.


Take time out of the day to relax and unwind from your home or office. Maybe start that new book you haven’t read yet, do some arts and crafts, or watch that Netflix show you haven’t had time for.

Get Out

Quarantine is not an excuse for doing nothing. Go outside. Maybe kick a ball around, go on a run, or play tennis (if your community has tennis courts). It is important to at least go out for a walk so you can get some sun and stretch your muscles for 40 minutes to an hour. 

Embrace your hobbies

Building model planes, cycling, running, knitting are all different examples of hobbies one can take up. Use your hobby as a getaway from the stress of this outbreak. 

Limit your time online

Take a break from online. If you find yourself spending too much time online or getting too stressed out over news sites, consider website blockers. Website blockers exist so you can ban yourself from time and attention consuming sites. These tools exist to take your mind off of websites like news sites and Twitter that can cause anxiety.

Distress and Declutter

Remember, less is more. Start with an easy room or drawer. Everyone has a junk drawer. Not enough room in your closet? Go through your closet and put things you never wear into a box or bag. If you don’t go looking for it, donate it. Have plastic containers or pots and pans piled up? Get rid of the ones you don’t use or get a box set up for donations. When you put that amazon box full of donations in your garage, take a look around your garage. Are there things just sitting in there collecting dust? Think about donating some things and turn your garage into an organized epicenter or music room.

Learn something new

With all physical schools closed, online classes are on the rise. There are so many different online classes you can take that are free to learn a new skill. You can learn anything like personal finances, how to play an instrument or even a new language. 

Pet people

Take some time to hang out with your pet as they seek as much connection with us as we do with them. Make funny videos, take a nap together or try to teach your pet a new trick.

It can be very stressful during these uncertain times, but we urge all of our SoleEscapers to remain positive and keep your mind busy. This will pass and we will get through this together. Stay safe and healthy. 

-Written by Justin Cortes & Edited by DVK

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