Foot Massage

Most Neglected Part of Your Body- YOUR FEET!

Question: What part of the body is the most abused and neglected? 

Answer:  Your feet!

Question:  How can you take better care of your feet?

Answer:  Book a massage at Sole Escape!
I’ve started a new tradition- instead of taking my Team Captains to lunch to thank them for all their hard work, I will now take them to Joie Zippin’s Sole Escape, located in the Strathmore shopping center on 441 and Lake Worth Road.   561.247.7665
(The Marketplace at Wycliffe Plaza)

Tennis & Feet

As a tennis pro, I spend my entire day on my feet, slipping, sliding, running and just standing around.  I don’t have the luxury of “taking a load off” throughout the day and by the end of the day, my feet are exhausted.  I spend a lot of money on orthotics, sneakers, manicures and cushy socks. If you work out, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.  The idea of a foot massage sounded appealing; it was inexpensive, it was local and I knew Joie from tennis…. but let’s face it, my life got in the way, it was now January and I still hadn’t booked an appointment.  When I finally did, my overriding thought was, “Why didn’t I do this before???!!!”   You don;t need to be an athlete to have tired feet- we spend our entire lives walking around and only coming to a stop when we lie down to sleep.  It’s clearly apparent that we don;’ take care of our feet, and now we can!
Sole Escape is a beautiful spa tucked away in the Wycliffe Plaza.  When you walk in, you are greeted by a friendly receptionist inside a serene white room, accentuated with starfish and the blues from the ocean.  The even have a convenient ATM machine right in the spa so you don;t have to run all over 441 looking for a bank!

Our Experience at Sole Escape Foot & Body Massage

Team Captain Kathy and I were escorted into the back room massage area, a darkened room with large, comfy chairs, separated by ethereal curtains.  It was very quiet and serene. Cindy and Mo started us out with an upper body, neck and back massage, as soothing music played and our feet soaked in a warm bath.  After what seemed like a long time of releasing tensions, we settled into the chairs and our feet were treated to the most amazing experience ever.  
Your feet are home to many sensory trigger points, and although Reflexology is nothing new, it was sure new to me. Mo exerted just the right amount of pressure and never once did I wince or cringe- an experience that I’ve had in massages before.  He even told me to tell him if he needed to massage harder or not so hard.  “Please let me know if you’re comfortable, “ he said.  Wow- remember the experiences we’ve all had getting my nails done, when the last thing the manicurist even cares about is our level of comfort! Once, I even hobbled away from a pedicure missing one toe. Let’s face it Peeps, we spend our entire lives depending on our feet and we hardly ever take good care of them.  This is your opportunity to pamper yourself through pampering your feet.  Sometimes, something as simple as a great massage is all you and your tired feet need to feel better. 

Book a massage at Sole Escape right now! 


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