Massage Benefits

So Many Massage Benefits

Yes there are so many massage benefits. Do you know that feeling after you get a massage? If you do not, we invite you to experience it. If you do, then you know how you feel when you are more relaxed, your mind is clear and you feel like you can take on the world? Even though regular massages are recommended, we do not have any membership fees or contracts. We do, however, have massage packages to make things easier and more affordable. We are all aware massages are awesome, well most massages, we also know not all massages are created equal. We have the best therapists here at SoleEscape so you can walk away with the craziness of your day melting away, but did you know there are so many benefits to a massage? 

There are obviously many massage benefits but we are going to be talking about the benefits of stress relief and posture.

Massages can help with Stress Relief

Stress relief, well yeah that is obvious. At Sole Escape our clients tell us that we massage the stress of their day away. Only a good massage can do that. We pride ourselves on the well-being of our clients. A massage can really help with your stress relief no matter how stressful your work is. Reducing your stress and your blood pressure. Lowering your blood pressure can help reduce the risks of heart attacks, kidney failure and strokes along with many other health issues.  That feeling you get when you can take on the world? That is because a massage can boost energy le

vels and help with your emotional levels. Even if you are struggling with finding the balance of a healthy lifestyle, a massage can help! 

Massages Benefit Your Posture

massage benefits

Another one of the massage benefits that we feel is really important is posture. Many of us experience neck, back and other muscle pains from all over our bodies. One of the causes of these pains could be due to your posture. Did you know that back pain is one of reasons for missed work days and disability. This could be due to poor or incorrect posture. Doesn’t matter if you are standing or sitting. Yes we understand that being overweight, having poor posture and/or repeating movements can also cause pain to your back and other areas of your body. Your back pain can also be contributing to the pain through out body such as spasms or feeling tense in your neck, legs, glutes or hips.

Massages can help bring your body back to its proper alignment. This can be especially helpful if you do not like going to the chiropractor. Did you know some of our massage clients say that improving their posture is one of their favorite massag

e benefits? A part of having consistent massages can help the body feel looser and more relaxed. This also helps the your joints. After a massage your joints have better movement, flexibility and pressure points are relieved. All this helps your body retain a better posture. Do you know when your in pain and your body tries to “adapt” to the pain. You may have need a pressure point hit or a joint loosened and all of a sudden that pain goes away and helps you have better posture instead of trying to adapt your body to the pain.

Yes, there are so many benefits to a massage but don’t just take our advice, even the Mayo Clinic agrees.

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