Combo Massage

"Kamiria made an extra effort with my massage, she didn't just phone it in. The value is incredible, the atmosphere is relaxing and professional."
Stacie B.

The “Best of Both Worlds."

1/2 Session Table Massage and 1/2 Session Foot Massage

The first 1/2 of the session begins on the table focusing on your back, neck and shoulders and for the second 1/2 of the session you are moved to our big comfy chair for your rejuvenating Foot Massage.


combo massage

loosen muscles & tendons

Having your body massaged on the table allows the massage therapist to loosen muscles and tendons, which allows increased blood flow throughout the body. The increased blood flow improves your circulation and allows your body to feel less tired and can help with managing pain. Many people who suffer from lower back problems find a table massage is especially beneficial.

Having your feet and legs massaged improves circulation and stimulates various points to identify areas of tension.


the foot massage

The foot and reflexology massage would follow the table massage. The foot and reflexology massage can help with a number of issues. It is important to talk to the front desk and/or your massage therapist about any issues you are having so we can take the steps to help you walk out feeling better.




All massages are performed by professional licensed massage therapists.

There is a 10-minute standard recovery time included in an hour and an hour and a half massages and 5-minute recovery in half hour massages. (All prices are subject to change)

For more information on the benefits of massages, click here for an article from the Mayo Clinic.




  • $89 1 1/2 Hour (80 min)
  • $125 2 Hour (110 min)

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