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"Kamiria made an extra effort with my massage, she didn't just phone it in. The value is incredible, the atmosphere is relaxing and professional."
Stacie B.


A 10 minute to 30 minute chair massage from a trained therapist can give quick relief from stress, tension and pain.  The effects are felt immediately.

That is why we have the chair massages. Maybe you have had a chair massage before. Maybe you haven’t? I am sure you have seen a chair massage at a place such as the mall. The chair massage is designed to give you a quick relief of the stress and tension the day brings.  



chair massage

What to expect during a chair massage?

The neck,  back, shoulders, arms and hands are the areas of focus.  You are fully clothed. You are sitting in our specialized chair facing in a downward angle.  The chair is designed for your face and arms to rest comfortably. 

The chair massage is great for people in a rush. Our massage therapist can relieve your stress away with no oils. Many people may think that the chair massage is a shoulder massage but that is not the case. Our therapists use techniques they have learned to give you the most relaxing massage in as little as 10 minutes. 


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What is a chair massage?

The chair massage became popular in the 1980s in California. The chair massage was especially helpful for people on the go. With the help of the name, a chair massage is given while you are sitting a specially designed chair. They are performed fully clothed and can be give you a short break from the day in as little as 10 minutes.
Chair massages became popular very quickly and has since grown to spas and health practices. Even though the chair massages became popular in the 1980s, they originated in Japan. Old Japanese block prints were found showing people massaged on stools.


Benefits of a Chair Massage

Many of our clients love the chair massages because they get them in and out and on with their day. Plus, since the chair massage takes place with their clothes on, there’s no changing involved.
A ten-minute chair massage from a trained therapist can be very helpful in pain relief and healing. The effects of a chair massage can be felt immediately.



All massages are performed by professional licensed massage therapists.

There is a 10-minute standard recovery time included in an hour and an hour and a half massages and 5-minute recovery in half hour massages. (All prices are subject to change)

For more information on the benefits of massages, click here for an article from the Mayo Clinic.




  • $12 for 10 min
  • $18 for 15 min
  • $22 for 20 min
  • $34 for 30 min

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