5 Exercises to Reduce Lower Back Pain At Home

Having back pain is no joke, it is annoying and prevents you from doing the things you enjoy. Back pain is a common symptom of many conditions including stress, lack of sleep, and even dehydration. Here are some simple exercises one can do at home to help ease and treat back pain. Cat Stretch This exercise helps with the lengthening of the back and it eases tension.For the best results do this at least 3 …

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Sole Escape Precautions

SOLE ESCAPE IS OPEN.  We opened on May 28th. We will be opening by appointment only with limited hours. Our hours for the rest of June will be Wednesday to Sunday (11am to 7pm) Sole Escape is taking many precautions moving forward to keep our staff and clients safe. All employees will be wearing masks and we ask that you wear masks as well. Chairs and tables will be assigned to each therapist. Chairs and …

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Relax Your Mind

Being stuck at home for fear of catching COVID-19 can wear on a person’s mental health. The best you can do is find creative ways to distract your mind with different activities until the shutdown is over. Take a load off from the news  The news and all media seem to be focused on the increasing outbreak. While it is important to know what is going on, the news can be upsetting if watched day …

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5 Tips on Removing Negative Thoughts

1. Have a go-to statement Having a positive go to statement is going to help you in times of stress or discomfort. If you ever feel like you are in a rough time its good to have a go-to state meant like “you can get through this, you can do it”. Instead of filling your head with negative thoughts, this can take away the bad vibes. 2. Exercising Exercising is a great way to deal …

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Massage Therapy & Stress

There is so much stress in our lives, no matter who you are, stress is almost impossible to avoid. There can be stress with your job, home, moving to a new home, our kids, parents, it can be all around us and we feel it. If you are just experiencing a stressful day once in a while, there usually are not any problems. Problems arise from daily stressors. We have taken a look at the …

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