The word reflexology can certainly get thrown around a lot. Unfortunately, many places say they practice reflexology when in reality, that is not the case. Reflexology is often misunderstood. You will know if the therapist is skilled in reflexology by how you leave. If you leave feeling like you just had a long foot massage, that may be the case, however, in reflexology, if you have a skilled professional, you will feel the effects all over your body. Yes, it is a foot massage, but it is much more than that, stemming from an ancient Chinese treatment, possibly over 4,000 years ago, and developed in America in the 20th century as a treatment modality.

What to Expect

In reflexology, the therapist will work on the reflex points on your feet that are known to relate to specific glands and organs in your body.  As the therapist stimulates these points with pressure with their fingers, encouraging health in those glands and organs through your body’s energetic pathways.

When performed by someone who knows what they are doing, reflexology can be genuinely relaxing with many health benefits that can be felt all over your body.

The therapist will target specific pressure points using their fingers in different ways, including holding the pressure, rotating, rubbing and kneading. Read more about what you can expect from a first visit.

Who to Thank for Reflexology

There are a couple people we can credit the modernization of reflexology. Dr William Fitzgerald was one of the first people to systemize foot therapy, and his work influenced Eunice Ingham, who is known to be the “pioneer of modern reflexology”. You ever see the picture of feet with all confusing graphs and lines? She was the one that mapped the feet with the corresponding glands and organs. Although the developed systems that were later redefined, she still set the foundation for modern reflexology. reflexology

The Research on Reflexology

There have been several studies on reflexology. The studies about how reflexology reduces pain and psychological symptoms are the most prevalent. The studies focus most on how reflexology can help reduce stress and anxiety. Reflexology can also help with relaxation and sleep. What do you have to loose? Even the Mayo Clinic discusses how reflexology is low risk so it can be a very good option if you are seeking relaxation or stress relief, and in this world, who isn’t?

Make An Appointment for a Massage

When you call to make a massage appointment, please be sure to mention if you are interested in reflexology and/or our massage packages. We can further explain the process, what to expect, and answer any questions you may have. You can call us at (561) 247-7665 or visit us inside the Marketplace at Wycliffe, 4075 S State Rd 7, F1, Lake Worth, FL 33449. We are usually open from 10am-8pm so we get a lot of people coming in after work after a stressful day. Wake up the next day and feel rejuvenated.

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